Environmental protection and the responsible association with scarce resources is a special concern of ours. The applied raw materials are chlorine and sulphur free and comprise pure hydrocarbon connections, such as how they occur in nature.

We guarantee a careful choice of raw materials and additives

Only heavy metal free pigments are used for colouring, production waste is re-processed and used for regenerated film (refuse sacks).

The delivered PE-packaging film is free of environmentally incriminatory materials such as CFC, PER, PVC, illuminators, heavy metals, softeners, halogens, pentade bromide phenylether octa bromide phenylether deka bromide phenylether and silicon.

The products are non-toxic, to be classified as harmlessly physiological and therefore food safe.

All articles are made from pure polyethylene which, by waste removal, has not been burdened either by the floor, water, or air.

Polyethylene is already environmentally accepted by manufacture. No additional harmful substances, dangerous vapours, sewage or cinders are released, as polyethylene originates as a by-product of crude oil processing.

Examinations have shown, when manufacturing PE-film, that

3 x less carbon monoxide

6 x less nitric oxide

8 x less hydrocarbon

13 x less sulphur dioxide

258 x less dust

emerges as opposed to other materials.

The films consist of organical basic substances, such as

Carbon and hydrogen, which combine by the incineration with the oxygen part of air, water and dioxide. Thus totally natural substances, like they are present in our environment.

By the incineration of polyethylene no harmful substances or poisons emerge.

Due to the extremely high heat value of polyethylene it is not often applicable for the �addition� of heavy heating oil by waste incineration, thus we also serve the environment here.

The material is 100% recyclable without residues. In contrast to paper and cardboard, where paint and glues accrue to 20% hazardous waste.

We consider the preservation of the environment and the economical association with raw materials as our duty, which we also have to fulfill in excess of the legal standards.