Configurate our products to your perception: Size, colour, material �

Flat film


We can offer our manufactured flat film, produced on the most modern food safe and environmentably acceptable equipment, in various shapes and sizes, like for example

Protective sheeting

Shrinkable flat film

Automat flat film

Coex flat film

Mono flat film � from first-class 1A new ware

Our portfolie comprises of various shapes and sizes for manual or automatic use also for flat film.

According to your requirement, the flat film will be manufactured with the corresponding shrinkable features (monoaxial or biaxial stretched) and if desired delivered needled. Of course, we will deliver the flat film also in the colours which you wish.

Our products, with the exception of refuse sacks, will generally be manufactured from first-class 1A new ware. We only deliver these with regenerated parts under specific customer request, in order to reduce costs.

Additives, such as for instance UV-stabilizer, static inhibitor and antiseize agents make sure that the flat film will exactly suit the customer�s requirements.

Multi-purpose applications

Flat film is not only applicable as a multi-purpose product precaution in the same way as tubular film, but serves when required as an advertisement area for the packed goods, with the desired customer printed design in up to 6 colours.

Coex flat film � Multi-layer procedure reduces costs

As also with the tubular film field, we have the possibility to deliver flat film in a multi-layer procedure.

This multi-layer procedure is somewhat more expensive at first sight than manufacturing of a mono film. The possible strength reduction of the film of up to 30%, however, sinks the ultimate costs of packaging considerably � with the consistent resp. partially better value of film.

Due to this reduction in material the shrinking time and thus the associated energy consumption will be sunken.

In addition, this procedure allows film to be manufactured with different qualitites on the outside and inside, such as e.g. outside anti-slip and inside slipable.

Also different colours on each side is realizable.

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Configurate our products to your perception: Size, colour, material �

Tubular film


Mono tubular film

We deliver our tubular film, manufactured on the most modern euipment and from food safe and environmentally acceptable polythene, in many dimensions and designs, such as for example

Standard tube

Half tube

Flat tube

SF-shrinkable tube

All tubular film will be manufactured on demand with the corresponding shrinking features (monoaxial or biaxial stretched).

Tubular film on rolls allows, amongst others, the individual manufacture of bonnets and bags for packaging, to commission and as a safeguard of the merchandise to be packed.

Our products will generally only be manufactured from quality first-class 1 A new ware, with the exception of refuse sacks.

Of course we will also deliver the tubular film to you in the desired colour.

Additives, such as for example UV- stabilizer, static inhibitors and antiseize agents make sure that the tubular film exactly complies with the customer�s requirements.

Tubular film isn�t only applicable as a versatile product safeguard, but also serves the purpose of advertising space for the packed goods, when necessary, with the printed design desired by the customer.

Side gusset-shrinking tubular film offers a broad application spectrum

Due to our many years of experience in this product segment we work together with many happy and faithful customers from the industry today. The highly placed requirements put on ourselves with regard to quality and the constant dialogue with the fabricator forms our recipe for success.

SF-shrinkable tubular film from first-class raw materials, equipped with customer specified additives, as well as production possibilities of up to 6,000 mm total circumference guarantee a broad application spectrum for the industry.

The film with up to 6 possible printable colour varieties distinguishes itself, next to trouble-free manufacture, also optically through a high advertising effective appearance.

Coex tubular film � guarantee cost reduction

Of course it is further possible for us to deliver mono-extruded tubular film in coex quality, also multi-layered.

Dieses Mehrschichtverfahren ist auf den ersten Blick etwas teurer als die Fertigung einer Monofolie. Jedoch die St�rkenreduzierung der Folie von bis zu 30 %, senkt die Kosten f�r die Verpackung erheblich, bei gleich bleibenden bzw. teilweise verbesserten Werten der Folie.

Due to this material reduction the shrinking time and also therewith the related energy use will be sunken.

In addition this procedure allows film with different qualities for outside and inside to be manufactured, such as e.g. outside anti-slip and inside slipable.

Also different colours on each side is realizable.

Hood-stretched tubular film / ductile tubular film

Due to the stretch procedure a flexible tube will be produced, which when stretched, will be pulled over the goods to be saved and pallet pulling these together. Consequently a safe hold between the pallet and goods will be warranted.

The advantages of this film lays in the reduced film usage. This results from the ductibility, an optimal visualization of the goods, as well as reduced energy costs and the omission of shrinking processes by an open flame.

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